Cascade Asset Management takes a value-oriented approach, investing globally across a wide range of asset classes. Cascade backs principled management teams of innovative companies, which advance shareholder and stakeholder interests, enhance job creation and help meet important economic needs.

Since its founding, Cascade has invested in a variety of industries including commercial real estate, railroads, aviation, luxury hospitality, farm equipment and agricultural land. Here are a few examples:

Commercial Real Estate

Strategic Property Partners, LLC (“SPP”) is a full-service commercial real estate developer, owner and operator focused on expanding its growing platform of innovative, world-class experiential properties. SPP’s projects currently include, one of the largest and most successful urban developments in the U.S.

Agricultural Land

While it owns only a small percentage of the total, Cascade is proud to be one of the largest owners of farmland in the U.S., spurring rural job creation, supporting sustainable practices, and helping meet the world’s food needs. Cascade’s portfolios benefit from the diversification offered by farmland investments. Cascade participates in Leading Harvest, a respected non-profit organization that provides sustainability assurance programs comprised of standards, audit procedures, training, education, reporting and claim offerings that are optimized for flexibility, scalability, and impact.

Luxury Hospitality

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is the world’s leading luxury hospitality company, operating and managing hotels, residences and extraordinary experiences. Cascade first invested in Four Seasons in 1997 and now owns a controlling stake, reflecting its strong belief and excitement for the company’s iconic brand.